Discount Restrictions

Luckily, Just Rx covers thousands of medications. However, there are discount restrictions on a few medications and strengths. The tables below list all medications with additional restrictions to help you find the best price.

Age Restrictions refers to medications where our discounts are not available if you are 65 or older.

Benefit Restrictions refers to generic or featured brand-named medications where our discounts are not available if you are covered by a federal or state-funded benefit, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

Please note, these restrictions do not apply to eligible prescriptions for your pets!

Price a medication to see your discount eligibility for a specific medication.

Medications with Age and Benefit Restrictions

Medication NameStrength(s)
Advair HFACFC free 115 mcg-21 mcg/inhCFC free 230 mcg-21 mcg/inhCFC free 45 mcg-21 mcg/inh
Anoro Ellipta62.5 mcg-25 mcg/inh
Arnuity Elliptafuroate 50 mcgfuroate 100 mcgfuroate 200 mcg
Breo Ellipta100 mcg-25 mcg/inh200 mcg-25 mcg/inh
Flovent Diskus100 mcg250 mcg50 mcg
Flovent HFACFC free 110 mcg/inhCFC free 220 mcg/inhCFC free 44 mcg/inh
Incruse Ellipta62.5 mcg (0.0625 mg)/inh
Trelegy Ellipta60 blisters of 100mcg/62.5mcg/25mcg/inh

Medications with Benefit Restrictions

Medication NameStrength(s)
Absorica10 mg20 mg25 mg30 mg35 mg40 mg
Absorica LDmicronized 16 mgmicronized 24 mgmicronized 32 mgmicronized 8 mg
Accu-Chek FastClix lancets102 count of 30 gauge
Accu-Chek Guide test strips50 count100 count
Addyi100 mg
Adzenys XR-ODT12.5 mg15.7 mg18.8 mg3.1 mg6.3 mg9.4 mg
Afrezza12 units4 units8 units
Afrezza 4 unit (90)- 8 unit (90)4 units- 8 units
Afrezza 8 unit (90)- 12 unit (90)8 units-12 units
Afrezza Titration Pack4 units-8 units-12 units
Afstyla1000 unit1500 unit2000 unit2500 unit250 unit3000 unit500 unit
AirDuo RespiClick113 mcg-14 mcg/inh232 mcg-14 mcg/inh55 mcg-14 mcg/inh
Ajovy1.5mL of 225mg/1.5mL
Aklief45.0g of 0.005%
Ala-Quin28.4g of 3%-0.5%80g of 3%-0.5%
Ala-Scalp HP29.6 ml of 2%
Alvesco6.1g of CFCfree80mcg/inh
Alvesco HFACFC free 160 mcg/inhCFC free 80 mcg/inh
Amitiza24 mcg8 mcg
Apidra10ml vial of 100 units/ml
Apidra SoloStar Pen5 pens (3ml/pen) of 100 units/ml
Arakoda100 mg
Auryxia210 mg
Avonex Pen30 mcg/0.5 mL
Avonex Prefilled Syringe30 mcg/0.5 mL
Balcoltrawith iron 20 mcg-100 mcg
Baqsimi One Pack3 mg (package of 1.0)
Baqsimi Two Pack3 mg (package of 2.0)
Basaglar KwikPen5 KwikPens (3ml/KwikPen) of 100 units/ml
Baxdela300 mg (package)450 mg (package)10.0ea of 450mg
Bethkis4.0mL of 75mg/mL
Betimol5.0mL of hemihydrate0.25%5.0mL of hemihydrate0.5%
Beyaz28 tablets of 3 mg/0.02 mg/0.451 mg
Binosto70 mg
Breztri Aerosphere10.7g of 160mcg-4.8mcg-9mcg/inh
Brilinta (ticagrelor)60 mg90 mg
Bydureon BCise4 pens of 2MG/0.85ML
Bydureon Pen2 mg
Bydureon Tray2 mg
Bynfezia2.8mL of 2500mcg/mL
Caduet10 mg-10 mg10 mg-20 mg10 mg-40 mg10 mg-80 mg5 mg-10 mg5 mg-20 mg5 mg-40 mg5 mg-80 mg
Cambiapotassium 50 mg
Capex0.01% 120ml (shampoo)
Celebrex100 mg200 mg400 mg50 mg
Cequa60 vials of 0.09%
CeQur Simplicity10 patches of 2 units
CerefolinNACVitamin B12, Folate, and Acetylcysteine
CitraNatal 90 DHA30 day of 90mg/1mg/300mg
CitraNatal Assure1mg Folic Acid (30 day supply per kit)
CitraNatal B-Calm1mg Folic Acid (30 day supply per kit)
CitraNatal Bloom90 mg/1 mg/50 mg
CitraNatal DHAPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
CitraNatal HarmonyPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg and Docusate
CitraNatal RxPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg and Docusate
Climara4 once-weekly patches of 0.025mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.05mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.075mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.1mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.0375mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.06mg/day
Climara Pro0.045 mg-0.015 mg/24 hr
Clobex0.05% 118ml (shampoo)0.05% 59ml (spray)0.05% 125ml (spray)
Colchicine0.6 mg (caplets)
Colcrys0.6 mg
Combivent Respimat100 mcg-20 mcg/inh
Consensi2.5 mg-200 mg10 mg-200 mg5 mg-200 mg
Contrave90 mg-8 mg
Cosopt PF2%-0.5% preservative-free
Cotempla XR-ODT17.3 mg/24 hr25.9 mg/24 hr8.6 mg/24 hr
Crestor10 mg20 mg40 mg5 mg
Deplin15 mg7.5 mg
Dermasorb HC295.8ml of 2%
Dermasorb TAtwo 3 oz tube of 0.1%
Dexilant30 mg60 mg
Differin0.3% 45g (gel w/pump)0.1% 45g (cream)0.1% 59ml (lotion)
Dilantin100 mg30 mg
Dilantin Infatabs50 mg
Doryxhyclate 200 mghyclate 50 mg
Dyanavel XR2.5 mg/mL
Dymista137 mcg-50 mcg/inh
Emgality Prefilled Pen1.0mL of 120mg/mL
Emgality Prefilled Syringe1.0mL of 120mg/mL
Endari1 packets (5g/packet)60 packets (5g/packet)
Epiduo0.1%-2.5% 45g (gel w/pump)
Epiduo Forte45g of 0.3%-2.5%60g of 0.3%-2.5%
Epiduo Pump45.0g of 0.1%-2.5%
EstroGel Pump50g of 0.06%
Eurax10% (cream)10% 60g (lotion)10% 454g (lotion)
Evamist1.53 mg/spray
Eysuvis8.3mL of 0.25%
Farxiga10 mg5 mg
Flarexacetate 0.1%
Flolipid150.0mL of 20mg/5mL150.0mL of 40mg/5mL
Fluticasone-Salmeterol55 mcg-14 mcg/inh113 mcg-14 mcg/inh232 mcg-14 mcg/inh
FoltxVitamin B Complex with Folic Acid
Forfivo XL450 mg/24 hours
Genotropin5 mg (cartridge)12 mg (cartridge)7 MiniQuick devices of 0.2mg7 MiniQuick devices of 0.4mg7 MiniQuick devices of 0.6mg7 MiniQuick devices of 0.8mg7 MiniQuick devices of 1mg7 MiniQuick devices of 1.2mg7 MiniQuick devices of 1.4mg7 MiniQuick devices of 1.6mg7 MiniQuick devices of 1.8mg7 MiniQuick devices of 2mg
Glucocard Expression Test Strip50 count
Glucocard Vital Sensor50 count
Glyxambi10 mg-5 mg25 mg-5 mg
Gralise300 mg/24 hours600 mg/24 hours78 tablets of 300mg and 600mg
Grastek2800 BAU
Halog0.1% 30g (cream)0.1% 60g (cream)0.1% 216g (cream)0.1% 30g (ointment)0.1% 60g (ointment)
Hemady20 mg
HumaLOG Junior KwikPen3.0mL of 100units/mL
Humalog KwikPen (Concentrated)200 units/mL
Humalog Mix 50/5050 units-50 units/mL
Humalog Mix 50/50 KwikPen5 KwikPens (3ml/KwikPen) of 100 units/ml
Humalog Mix 75/2510ml vial
Humalog Mix 75/25 KwikPen5 KwikPens (3ml/KwikPen) of 100 units/ml
Humalog U-100100 units/ml
Humalog U-100 KwikPen3ml of 100 units/ml
Humatrope12 mg24 mg5 mg (Vial)6 mg
Humulin 70/3010ml vial
Humulin 70/30 KwikPen5 KwikPens (3ml/KwikPen) of 100 units/ml
Humulin Nhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Humulin N KwikPen5 KwikPens (3ml/KwikPen) of 100 units/ml
Humulin R10 ml vial of 100 units/ml
Hyalgan10 mg/mL
Hymovis8 mg/mL
Ilumya1.0mL of 100mg/mL
Inbrija60 capsules of 42mg
Insulin Glargine10.0mL of yfgn100units/mL3.0mL of yfgn100units/mL
Insulin Lispro10.0mL of 100units/mL
Insulin Lispro Junior KwikPen3.0mL of 100units/mL
Insulin Lispro Protamine-Insulin Lispro Mix75/25 KwikPen3.0mL of 25units-75units/mL
Intrarosa6.5 mg
Inveltys2.8ml of 1%
Jardiance10 mg25 mg
Jentadueto2.5 mg-1000 mg2.5 mg-500 mg2.5 mg-850 mg
Jentadueto XR2.5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-1000 mg
Kitabis Pak5.0mL of 60mg/mL
Kloxxado8 mg/0.1 mL (package of 2.0)
Kombiglyze XR1000 mg-2.5 mg1000 mg-5 mg500 mg-5 mg
Kristalose10 g20 g
Lantus10ml vial
Lantus Solostar Pen5 pens (3ml/pen) of 100 units/ml
Levoxyl25 mcg (0.025 mg)50 mcg (0.05 mg)75 mcg (0.075 mg)88 mcg (0.088 mg)100 mcg (0.1 mg)112 mcg (0.112 mg)125 mcg (0.125 mg)137 mcg (0.137 mg)150 mcg (0.15 mg)175 mcg (0.175 mg)200 mcg (0.2 mg)
Lexette50.0g of 0.05%
Licart15 patches of 1.3%
Livalo1 mg2 mg4 mg
Lyrica20 mg/mL (oral solution)50 mg75 mg100 mg150 mg200 mg225 mg300 mg
Lyrica CR82.5 mg165 mg330 mg
Lyumjev10.0mL of aabc100units/mL
Lyumjev KwikPen3.0mL of aabc100units/mL3.0mL of aabc200units/mL
Macrobidmacrocrystals-monohydrate 100 mg
Macrodantinmacrocrystals 100 mgmacrocrystals 25 mgmacrocrystals 50 mg
Makena Auto-Injector1.1mL of 275mg/1.1mL
MetanxVitamin B Complex
MetroCream45g of 0.75% (cream)
Mirvaso0.33% 30g (gel w/pump)
Mirvaso Pump30.0g of 0.33%
Mitigare0.6 mg
Myrbetriq25 mg50 mg
Myrbetriq Granules100.0mL of 8mg/mL
Naprelan 750750 mg (as sodium)
Narcan4 mg/0.1 mL
Natesto11.0g of 5.5mg/0.122g
NeevoDHAPrenatal Multivitamins with Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Minerals with L-Methylfolate
Nexium10 mg (package)2.5 mg (package)20 mg (package)40 mg (package)5 mg (package)20 mg40 mg
Niaspan ER1000 mg500 mg750 mg
Nityr10 mg5 mg2 mg
Nocdurna27.7 mcg55.3 mcg
Novolin 70/3010ml vial of 100 units/ml
Novolin N10ml vial of 100 units/ml
Novolin R10ml vial of 100 units/ml
Nucala100 mg
Nucala Prefilled Syringe1.0mL of 100mg/mL
Odactra12 SQ-HDM
OneTouch Ultra Test Strips25 count50 count100 count
OneTouch Verio Test Strips25 count50 count100 count
Onglyza2.5 mg5 mg
Oracea40 mg
Oralair30 SL tablets of 300 IR
Orfadin4 mg/mL (package)10 mg2 mg20 mg5 mg
Osphena60 mg
Oxtellar XR150 mg300 mg600 mg
Pancreaze10,500 units-61,500 units-35,500 units16,800 units-98,400 units-56,800 units21,000 units-83,900 units-54,700 units2600 units-10,850 units-6200 units4200 units-24,600 units-14,200 units
Phoslyra473.0mL of 667mg/5mL
Plegridy125 mcg/0.5 mL63 and 94 mcg
Plegridy Pen125 mcg/0.5 mL63 and 94 mcg
Pradaxa110 mg150 mg75 mg
Praluent Pen1.0mL of 150mg/mL1.0mL of 75mg/mL
Premarin0.3 mg0.45 mg0.625 mg0.9 mg1.25 mg
Premarin Vaginal0.625 mg/g
Prempro0.3 mg-1.5 mg0.45 mg-1.5 mg0.625 mg-2.5 mg0.625 mg-5 mg
PrenatePrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate DHAPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate ElitePrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate Enhance with DHAPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate EssentialPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate Mini with DHAPrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate PixiePrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Prenate RestorePrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
PrimaCarePrenatal Multivitamins with Folic Acid 1 mg
Pristiq100 mg25 mg50 mg
ProAir RespiClick90 mcg/inh
Protonix40 mg (oral suspension)20 mg40 mg
Pulmicort Flexhaler180 mcg/inh90 mcg/inh
Qnasl40 mcg/inh80 mcg/inh
QuilliChew ER20 mg/24 hr30 mg/24 hr40 mg/24 hr
Quillivant XR300 mg/60 ml600 mg/120 ml750 mg/150 ml900 mg/180 ml
Qvar Redihaler10.6g of 40mcg/inh10.6g of 80mcg/inh
QVAR RediHaler40 mcg/inh80 mcg/inh
Ragwitek12 Amb a 1-U
Rasuvo10 mg/0.2 mL12.5 mg/0.25 mL15 mg/0.3 mL17.5 mg/0.35 mL20 mg/0.4 mL22.5 mg/0.45 mL25 mg/0.5 mL30 mg/0.6 mL7.5 mg/0.15 mL
Rayaldee30 mcg
Relpax20 mg40 mg
Rhofade30.0g of 1%
Roszet10 mg-10 mg10 mg-20 mg10 mg-40 mg10 mg-5 mg
Safyral28 tablets of 3mg/0.03mg/0.451mg
Segluromet2.5 mg-1000 mg2.5 mg-500 mg7.5 mg-1000 mg7.5 mg-500 mg
Simbrinza8.0mL of 0.2%-1%
Slynd4 mg
Soolantra45g of 1% (cream)
Spiriva Respimat1.25 mcg/inh2.5 mcg/inh
Spiriva Respimat 60 ACT4.0g of 2.5mcg/inh
Steglatro15 mg5 mg
Steglujan15 mg-100 mg5 mg-100 mg
Stendra50 mg100 mg
Stiolto Respimat2.5 mcg-2.5 mcg/inh
Stiolto Respimat 60 ACT4.0g of 2.5mcg-2.5mcg/inh
Striverdi Respimat2.5 mcg/inh
Suprep Bowel Prep Kit1.6 g-3.13 g-17.5 g/177 mL
Sutab24 tablets of 1.479g/0.225g/0.188g12 tablets of 1.479g/0.225g/0.188g
Symbicort80 mcg-4.5 mcg/inh (120 doses)160 mcg-4.5 mcg/inh (120 doses)
Symproic0.2 mg
Synjardy12.5 mg-1000 mg12.5 mg-500 mg5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-500 mg
Synjardy XR10 mg-1000 mg12.5 mg-1000 mg25 mg-1000 mg5 mg-1000 mg
Tazorac60.0g of 0.1%
Tecfidera120 mg240 mg60 capsules of 120mg and 240 mg
Techlite Pen Needle100 count 5/16" of 32 gauge100 count 5/32" of 32 gauge100 count 1/4" of 31 gauge100 count 1/4" of 32 gauge
Tekturna HCT150 mg-12.5 mg150 mg-25 mg300 mg-12.5 mg300 mg-25 mg
Temixys300 mg-300 mg
Tenoretic 100100 mg-25 mg
Tenoretic 5050 mg-25 mg
Tenormin100 mg25 mg50 mg
Thyquidity100.0mL of 100mcg(0.1mg)/5mL
Tiglutik600ml of 50/10ML
Tirosint100 mcg (0.1 mg)112 mcg (0.112 mg)125 mcg (0.125 mg)13 mcg (0.013 mg)137 mcg (0.137 mg)150 mcg (0.15 mg)175 mcg (0.175 mg)200 mcg (0.2 mg)25 mcg (0.025 mg)50 mcg (0.05 mg)75 mcg (0.075 mg)88 mcg (0.088 mg)
Tirosint-Sol1.0mL of 100mcg(0.1mg)/mL1.0mL of 112mcg(0.112mg)/mL1.0mL of 125mcg(0.125mg)/mL1.0mL of 13mcg(0.013mg)/mL1.0mL of 137mcg(0.137mg)/mL1.0mL of 150mcg(0.15mg)/mL1.0mL of 175mcg(0.175mg)/mL1.0mL of 200mcg(0.2mg)/mL1.0mL of 25mcg(0.025mg)/mL1.0mL of 37.5mcg(0.0375mg)/mL1.0mL of 44mcg(0.044mg)/mL1.0mL of 50mcg(0.05mg)/mL1.0mL of 62.5mcg(0.0625mg)/mL1.0mL of 75mcg(0.075mg)/mL1.0mL of 88mcg(0.088mg)/mL
TobraDex ST0.05%-0.3%
Topiramate ER100 mg150 mg200 mg25 mg50 mg
Tosymra6 sprays of 10 mg/inh10 mg/inh
Toujeo Max SoloStar3.0mL of 300units/mL
Toujeo SoloStar3 pens (1.5 ml/pens) of 300 units/ml
Toviaz4 mg8 mg
Tradjenta5 mg
Tricor145 mg48 mg
Trijardy XR10 mg-5 mg-1000 mg12.5 mg-2.5 mg-1000 mg25 mg-5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-2.5 mg-1000 mg
Trilipix135 mg45 mg
Trintellix10 mg20 mg5 mg
Trokendi XR100 mg200 mg25 mg50 mg
True Metrix Test Strips100 glucose test strips50 glucose test strips
Trulicity Pen0.75 mg/0.5 mL1.5 mg/0.5 mL
Tudorza Pressair400 mcg/inh
Ultravate X0.05% (ointment)0.05% (cream)
Vascepa0.5 g1 g
Vectical3 mcg/g
Viagra100 mg25 mg50 mg
VSL#360 capsules of 112.5 billion CFU30 packets of 450 billion CFU
VSL#3 DS20 packets of 900 billion CFU
Vyleesi0.3mL of 1.75mg/0.3mL
Vyvanse10 mg10 mg20 mg20 mg30 mg30 mg40 mg40 mg50 mg50 mg60 mg60 mg70 mg
Winlevi60.0g of 1%
Xhance16ml of 93mcg/inh
Xigduo XR10 mg-1000 mg10 mg-500 mg5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-500 mg2.5 mg-1000mg
Xofluza2 tablets of 20mg
Xyosted0.5mL of enanthate100mg/0.5mL0.5mL of enanthate50mg/0.5mL0.5mL of enanthate75mg/0.5mL
Yasmin28 tablets of 3mg/0.03mg
Yaz28 tablets of 3mg/0.02mg
Yonsa125 mg
Zejula100 mg
Zembrace SymTouch3 mg/0.5 mL
Zerviate0.24% (package of 30.0)
Zestoretic12.5 mg-10 mg12.5 mg-20 mg25 mg-20 mg
Zestril10 mg2.5 mg20 mg30 mg40 mg5 mg
Zilxi30.0g of 1.5%
Zoloft20 mg/mL (oral solution)25 mg50 mg100 mg
Zolpimist4.5mL of 5mg/spray7.7mL of 5mg/spray
Zontivity2.08 mg
Zyvox100 mg/5 mL (package)600 mg