Discount Restrictions

Luckily, Just Rx covers thousands of medications. However, there are discount restrictions on a few medications and strengths. The tables below list all medications with additional restrictions to help you find the best price.

Age Restrictions refers to medications where our discounts are not available if you are 65 or older.

Benefit Restrictions refers to generic or featured brand-named medications where our discounts are not available if you are eligible for a federal or state-funded benefit, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare.

Please note, these restrictions do not apply to eligible prescriptions for your pets!

Price a medication to see your discount eligibility for a specific medication.

Medications with Age and Benefit Restrictions

Medication NameStrength(s)
Trelegy Ellipta60 blisters of 100mcg/62.5mcg/25mcg/inh
Incruse Ellipta62.5 mcg (0.0625 mg)/inh
Flovent HFACFC free 110 mcg/inhCFC free 220 mcg/inhCFC free 44 mcg/inh
Flovent Diskus100 mcg250 mcg50 mcg
Breo Ellipta100 mcg-25 mcg/inh200 mcg-25 mcg/inh
Arnuity Elliptafuroate 100 mcgfuroate 200 mcg
Anoro Ellipta62.5 mcg-25 mcg/inh
Advair HFACFC free 115 mcg-21 mcg/inhCFC free 230 mcg-21 mcg/inhCFC free 45 mcg-21 mcg/inh

Medications with Benefit Restrictions

Medication NameStrength(s)
Emgality120 mg/ml pen120 mg/ml syringe
Accu-Chek FastClix lancets102 count of 30 gauge
Accu-Chek Guide test strips50 count100 count
Xhance16ml of 93mcg/inh
Lyrica CR82.5 mg165 mg330 mg
Odactra12 SQ-HDM
Ultravate X0.05% (ointment)0.05% (cream)
True Metrix100 counts50 counts
Zyvox100 mg/5 mL (package)600 mg
Zoloft20 mg/mL (oral solution)25 mg50 mg100 mg
Yaz28 tablets of 3mg/0.02mg
Yasmin28 tablets of 3mg/0.03mg
Xigduo XR10 mg-1000 mg10 mg-500 mg5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-500 mg2.5 mg-1000mg
Viagra100 mg25 mg50 mg
Vectical3 mcg/g
Vascepa0.5 g1 g
VSL#360 capsules of 112.5 billion CFU30 packets of 450 billion CFU
Uloric40 mg80 mg
Tudorza Pressair400 mcg/inh
Trulicity Pen0.75 mg/0.5 mL1.5 mg/0.5 mL
Trintellix10 mg20 mg5 mg
Trilipix135 mg45 mg
Tricor145 mg48 mg
Tradjenta5 mg
Toviaz4 mg8 mg
Toujeo SoloStar300 units/mL
Synjardy XR10 mg-1000 mg12.5 mg-1000 mg25 mg-1000 mg5 mg-1000 mg
Synjardy12.5 mg-1000 mg12.5 mg-500 mg5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-500 mg
Symbicort80 mcg-4.5 mcg/inh (120 doses)160 mcg-4.5 mcg/inh (120 doses)
Striverdi Respimat2.5 mcg/inh
Stiolto Respimat2.5 mcg-2.5 mcg/inh
Stendra50 mg100 mg200 mg
Spiriva Respimat1.25 mcg/inh2.5 mcg/inh
Soolantra30g of 1% (cream)45g of 1% (cream)
Safyral28 tablets of 3mg/0.03mg/0.451mg
Riomet500 mg/5 mL
Relpax20 mg40 mg
Ragwitek12 Amb a 1-U
QVAR RediHaler40 mcg/inh80 mcg/inh
Quillivant XR300 mg/60 ml600 mg/120 ml750 mg/150 ml900 mg/180 ml
QuilliChew ER20 mg/24 hr30 mg/24 hr40 mg/24 hr
Qnasl40 mcg/inh80 mcg/inh
Pulmicort Flexhaler180 mcg/inh90 mcg/inh
Protonix40 mg (oral suspension)20 mg40 mg
ProAir RespiClick90 mcg/inh
ProAir HFA90 mcg/inh
Pristiq100 mg25 mg50 mg
Prempro0.3 mg-1.5 mg0.45 mg-1.5 mg0.625 mg-2.5 mg0.625 mg-5 mg
Premarin Vaginal0.625 mg/g
Premarin0.3 mg0.45 mg0.625 mg0.9 mg1.25 mg
Pradaxa110 mg150 mg75 mg
Oralair30 SL tablets of 300 IR
Oracea40 mg
Onglyza2.5 mg5 mg
Novolin Rhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Novolin Nhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Novolin 70/30human recombinant 70 units-30 units/mL
Niaspan ER1000 mg500 mg750 mg
Nexium10 mg (package)2.5 mg (package)20 mg (package)40 mg (package)5 mg (package)20 mg40 mg
Mitigare0.6 mg
Mirvaso0.33% 30g (gel)0.33% 30g (gel w/pump)
Minocin50 mg
MetroGel Pump1%
Lyrica20 mg/mL (oral solution)25 mg50 mg75 mg100 mg150 mg200 mg225 mg300 mg
Locoid15g of 0.10%45g of 0.10%
Levoxyl25 mcg (0.025 mg)50 mcg (0.05 mg)75 mcg (0.075 mg)88 mcg (0.088 mg)100 mcg (0.1 mg)112 mcg (0.112 mg)125 mcg (0.125 mg)137 mcg (0.137 mg)150 mcg (0.15 mg)175 mcg (0.175 mg)200 mcg (0.2 mg)
Lantus Solostar Pen100 units/mL
Lantus100 units/mL
Kombiglyze XR1000 mg-2.5 mg1000 mg-5 mg500 mg-5 mg
Kenalog0.147 mg/g 63g0.147 mg/g 100g
Jentadueto XR2.5 mg-1000 mg5 mg-1000 mg
Jentadueto2.5 mg-1000 mg2.5 mg-500 mg2.5 mg-850 mg
Jardiance10 mg25 mg
Humulin Rhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Humulin N KwikPenhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Humulin Nhuman recombinant 100 units/mL
Humulin 70/30 KwikPenhuman recombinant 70 units-30 units/mL
Humulin 70/30human recombinant 70 units-30 units/mL
Humatrope12 mg24 mg5 mg (Vial)6 mg
Humalog Mix 75/25 KwikPen25 units-75 units/mL
Humalog Mix 75/2525 units-75 units/mL
Humalog Mix 50/50 KwikPen50 units-50 units/mL
Humalog Mix 50/5050 units-50 units/mL
Humalog KwikPen (Concentrated)200 units/mL
Humalog U-100 KwikPen100 units/mL
Humalog U-100100 units/mL
Halog0.1% 30g (cream)0.1% 60g (cream)0.1% 216g (cream)0.1% 30g (ointment)0.1% 60g (ointment)
Grastek2800 BAU
Glyxambi10 mg-5 mg25 mg-5 mg
Genotropin5 mg (cartridge)12 mg (cartridge)0.2 mg (Miniquick)0.4 mg (Miniquick)0.6 mg (Miniquick)0.8 mg (Miniquick)1.0 mg (Miniquick)1.2 mg (Miniquick)1.4 mg (Miniquick)1.6 mg (Miniquick)1.8 mg (Miniquick)2.0 mg (Miniquick)
Fluticasone-Salmeterol113 mcg-14 mcg/inh232 mcg-14 mcg/inh55 mcg-14 mcg/inh
Flector Patch1.3%
Farxiga10 mg5 mg
Eurax10% (cream)10% 60g (lotion)10% 454g (lotion)
EstroGel Pump50g of 0.06%
Ertaczo60g of 2% (cream)
Epiduo Forte45g of 0.3%-2.5%60g of 0.3%-2.5%
Epiduo0.1%-2.5% 45g (gel w/pump)
Efudex40g of 5% (cream)
Dilantin100 mg30 mg50 mg (chewable tablet)
Differin0.3% 45g (gel w/pump)0.1% 45g (cream)0.1% 59ml (lotion)
Diclegis10 mg-10 mg
Dexilant30 mg60 mg
DesOwen0.05% 59g (lotion)0.05% 118g (lotion)0.05% 60g (cream)
Crestor10 mg20 mg40 mg5 mg
Contrave90 mg-8 mg
Combivent Respimat100 mcg-20 mcg/inh
Colcrys0.6 mg
Clobex0.05% 118ml (shampoo)0.05% 59ml (lotion)0.05% 125ml (lotion)0.05% 59ml (spray)0.05% 125ml (spray)
Climara4 once-weekly patches of 0.025mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.05mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.075mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.1mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.0375mg/day4 once-weekly patches of 0.06mg/day
Celebrex100 mg200 mg400 mg50 mg
Capex0.01% 120ml (shampoo)
Caduet10 mg-10 mg10 mg-20 mg10 mg-40 mg10 mg-80 mg5 mg-10 mg5 mg-20 mg5 mg-40 mg5 mg-80 mg
Beyaz28 tablets of 3 mg/0.02 mg/0.451 mg
BenzaClin with pump35g of 1%/5% (gel w/pump)50g of 1%/5% (gel w/pump)
BenzaClin25g of 1%/5% (jar of gel)
Basaglar KwikPen100 units/mL
Apidra SoloStar Pen100 units/mL
Apidra100 units/mL
Amitiza24 mcg8 mcg
AirDuo RespiClick113 mcg-14 mcg/inh232 mcg-14 mcg/inh55 mcg-14 mcg/inh
Absorica10 mg20 mg25 mg30 mg35 mg40 mg
Xofluza2 tablets of 20mg2 tablets of 40mg
VSL#3 DS20 packets of 900 billion CFU